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I Admit It

So I decided to get Twitter like two weeks ago and what I once thought was about the most ridiculous thing ever turned out to be great. Here is why: PrinceZimboo Hippo is good till you get bite diplo @mileycyrus … Continue reading

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Good Press Lately

Few articles I’ve enjoyed in the past week… XLR8R ran an article in the latest issue on ZZK records in which they are taken on a journey by everyones favorite Avant-Cumbia hooligans to the crews favorite haunts in Buenos Aires. … Continue reading

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The Pack Samples Frank Ski

Sorta late to the table on this one but still kind of exciting that the Hyphy crowd has a retro Ghetto House appreciation

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Drug Abuse Loot

E 40 – On Oil Turned Up 2009 Droop E brings everyone up to speed with another rap meets rave on planet Pluto spaceship slap beat. Father E 40 seems busy (“Man I ain’t had time to eat a sunflower … Continue reading

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$100,000 Bed Sets

Messy Marv – The Shootin’ Range (from Best of the Bay 2008) While brazenness is obviously a large factor in Bay Area Hip-Hop (and well Rap music in general), your boy Young Mess is the king of leisure raps. In … Continue reading

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Bust a Botch and Hit the Throttle

Motherfuck a Dark Knight or the Watchman, wheres the Save-A-Hoe aka Lieutenant-Roast-A-Bootch flick?

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A Sleepy Fucking D Sleepover

Sleepy D – “Sleepy Fucking D” (from The Best of The Bay 2008 Mixtape 2008) While Hurricane Chris talks about going to clubs hes not even old enough to get into, 17 year old east Oaklander Sleepy D aspires to … Continue reading

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