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Karizma FACT Interview

The good people across the waters at FACT did a great interview with the man who grew up in Baltimore but now spends time in Japan. 20 years in the game and still going strong, always breaking the mold but … Continue reading

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Suriname In Ebony

Buku, a huge archive of books, articles, photographs, and paintings that relate to the history of Suriname has made it impossible for me to get anything done lately. The above is a 1967 issue of Ebony about the racial diversity … Continue reading

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Coming 2020

My new hobby is making fake dream book covers.

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Whos Down?


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D.C. Not Dodge City Part 37

Lissen Band – Touch It (from Lissen Bootleg 2009)The Beat! Go Go Music from Washington D.C. was very recently put back into print, along with a new edition of great photographs from the scene from the last 15 or so … Continue reading

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"I’m Sad, Man"

Killer Mike’s new column over at XXL A History of Violence gives a little insight to why Chicago didn’t get the Olympics today. I for one am happy, as many others are here on the South Side. Mike should write … Continue reading

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As Nasty as Fi Wanna Be aka Daggering Fuss PT II

Original lyrics to Vybz Kartel and Spice’s Ramping Shop Well, yuh haffi ram it hard Di cocky nuh fi lie Damage it fi spite Not becah mi pussy tight Suppose mi put it pon di lef Gyal yuh tek it … Continue reading

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Murder Dog Goes Digital

New to me at least, there are now free digital issues of Murder Dog available on their website. While I love print magazines, MD can be kind of a pain in the ass to find, and their subscriptions sound sketchy. … Continue reading

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Lookin Ass

DJ Nate – Forgive Me Remix (from ?) I just noticed XLR8R is the first so far magazine to post anything about DJ Nate. Unfortunately I don’t think they know anything we don’t already know, but it’s good there is … Continue reading

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Cloak and Daggering

The Jamaica Star paper ran an article about the crazy diving into spread legs craze known as Daggering. An islanders point of view that takes on the opinions of those abroad viewing it as “barbaric”. While it’s pretty crazy, the … Continue reading

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