And Put it in The Fridge

Man, I have probably listened to this 6000 times.  Wilcannia Mob are a group of aboriginal boys from New South Wales who hadn’t even reached double digits when they recorded this.  They consist of Buddy, Keith, Wally, Colin and Lendal (but I only see 4 in this picture?).  They are down with jumping off bridges, catching fish, stilts, Jackie Chan, and didgeridoos.  The boys were found by Morganics, who was doing a music workshop for kids in Wilcannia.  I cannot find the original version(I am still looking!) or any other music from them.  This song is used on a track on M.I.A.’s last album, though I wasn’t into it.  This version is from the Mad Decent label sampler and the only thing that seems to be changed is a bit of scratching thats kinda cool. Really trying to find the CD “All You Mob” which has this track plus more from them and other outback dudes.  This will do for now.
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