From the Courtship to The Spaceship

Been Gone, Heres a Cumbia Mix.

August Cumbia Mix

little rundown of the tracks:

1. Pedro Laza Y Su Playeranos – Navidad

1950s old school Colombian cumbia (thanks for putting me up on this Yonhosago!) I thought it was a nice intro and sorta gets you into the groove of this kind of music.

2. Los Gaiteros de San Jacino – Fuego De Cumbia

Earlier Cumbia from the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

3. Estefanía Caicedo, Totó la Momposina, Paulino Salgado – La Verdolaga

Colombian and a bit similar to the above and I believe from the coast as well. Also the source of the killer Brian Kidd produced Rich Boy track “Get to Poppin”.

4. Unknown Artist – Unknown Track

I Pulled this off a live DJ Oro 11 set and dunno what it is, but wish I did. Sounds Peruvian or Chilean similar to the Roots of Chicha comp stuff but less psych rock band

5. Chancha Via Circuito – Cumbia Murguera

Seriously banging track. Everything I’ve heard from this kid is so so good. A newer cat from Buenos Aires who is a really cool dude and a great producer and live DJ. I get some kind of weird eastern vibe mixed in with the South American stomp on this. A lot of his other stuff almost falls into like a tropical house sort of area.

6. Celso Pina Y Aniceto Molina – Cumbia Sampuesana

Celso is a Mexican dude who started playing music about 20 years ago. This tracks probably from the 90s. I don’t even know where i got it from.

7. Chicos Del Barrio – Cumbia De Los Pajaritos

A Villera band from Mexico, sound like a way more stoned version of Damas Gratis or something.

8. Repiola – Cumbia Villera Reloco Estoy Repiola

Another Villera band hailing from Argentina. More Goofy keyboards, bleached blonde hair and girls shaking their asses. A kind of wacked out horn sounding synth on this. Weird argentinean dudes jamming shitty synths.

9. Damas Gratis – Alza Las Manos

The hot shit of Villera bands. This is probably my favorite song of theirs. They sort of had to grow on me, but this ones pretty wacked and the drums are dope.

10. Unknown Artist – Soy El Control

I dunno where I got this one, and it wasn’t tagged with anything but the track name. I think its actually the band name but ill have to get back to you on that one

11. Villa Diamante – Lil Mama vs Chancha Via Circuito

Villa is the master of cumbia mashups. One of the biggest digital style cumbia DJs in Buenos Aires. Throws Lil Mama’s G Slide over another great Chancha beat that makes it almost sound like a reggaeton track to me for some reason. Almost scary how well this runs together.

12. Groupo La Cumbia – La Negrita

A strange Mexican take on cumbia that I am pretty sure I pulled off DJ Ruptures site.

13. Unknown Artist – Remix De Guaracha

Another track I have no idea where it came from. Sorta sounds Mexican. Villera style band back again with the shitty synths.

14. Los Mirlos – La Danza Del Petrolero

One of the biggert 70s Peruvian Chicha bands on that “Roots of Chicha” comp. I decided to leave any tracks from that comp off the mix(even though its great) because I figure people might already have it. I got a collection of their tracks and they are all pretty great.

15. Choppaholix – Track 12 from “Choppacumbia”

I dunno who the original artist is but yes, screwed and chopped cumbia from the Choppaholix crew out of Houston. A lot of newer guys in Buenos Aires slow older tracks way way down (see below) but these guys chop it up too. I really love how this sort of music is being used/influencing the newer stuff from younger kids and how its turning into mashups/electro/screw tapes.

16. Sonido Martines – Es La Monteriana Rebajada

A rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy slowed down version/probably a mashup of some older cumbia joints for a smooooooooooothhhhh finish. Sonido Martines is another young dude from B.A. who is a big fan of Screw-Funk.


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