Barnum & Bailey Do Trenchtown

Jackdaw With Crowbar – “Stomach Pump”(from “Hot Air” LP)

Recently remembered this really weird band on a really weird UK label. I also stumbled across Cliff Richards Neck, a blog with this LP and a bunch of other Ron Johnson related records (Twang, Stump, The Mackenzies) for download. For more info on the label, check out Time Wasting’s page.

The new Kano song is really hot as well.


I recently noticed a chunk of the mp3 links got taken down…maybe they were reported to zshare by the artists? Never meant for any of the mp3s to stay up forever, and if you find some of your music on here and you don’t like it I’ll gladly take it down. I really don’t think The Frogs took down their track though.

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