Took a Walk Down to St Bernard

Just felt like pointing out a few great New Orleans Bounce resources that make me happy. I had always had some trouble finding any bounce or older N.O. hip hop outside of a few DJ Jubilee mixes and some random compilations until now. A lot of the CDs are out of print and the 12”s are hard to find for us lazy people. Luckily some people on the internet are cranking out lost classics. These people are:

Matt Miller is the man responsible for the new documentary on NOLA Bounce “Ya Heard Me” (which I am dying to see), and has written a great article on the history of Bounce music here. You can view the trailer for the documentary here.

EMYND from Crossfadedbacon has started a great new bounce blog with great links to articles and mp3s. His Mad Decent mix is a great collection of tracks as well.

Twankle and Glisten has an amazing collection of classic 12″s and really rare albums from Louisiana and its updated all the time. Don’t sleep on this one.

and of course Noz over at the reborn swanky looking Cocaine Blunts throws up joints from the crescent city now and again.

Don’t sleep on these people

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