The Very Best Mixtape

A bit late on posting about this but ether way I am way excited about The Very Best. French born London living DJ/producers Radioclit teamed up with Malawi native Esau Mwamwaya a while back and have been making some seriously fun music. The name is a bit dorky but they kind of are too. With their little youtube video a while back you can see the range of artists they have been working with. This little joint right here is just the mixtape to their upcoming album due November. A lot of these tracks have already been rolling around the net, but about half of em are new to me atleast. Mostly mashups, covers, and remixes, its kind of a strange context for Esau, hollering in Chichewa over Michael Jackson, DJ Mujava, Cannibal Ox, and M.I.A.’s played out but still awesome joint of the decade “Paper Planes”. This hybrid of Malawian sing-rapping is exciting for music of all walks of life. The “Black Phil Collins” and the dudes “who know way too much about africa” (quote Diplo) are definitely having a good time making this great music that could suit some kind of Lion King meets Hollertronix flick as the cover suggests.

The dudes are nice enough to give the mixtape away for free here

Real album drops November 1st and will be available for free download as well as a CD version.

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