That Type of Son Of a Bitch

Snatch and The Poontangs – “Two Time Slim” (from Snatch and The Poontangs 1969)

Johnny Otis a.k.a. “the type of cocksucker to start an uprisin in a motherfuckers ass” put together this album somewhere between “Hey, Shine” and his son’s psychedelic pop masterpiece “Strawberry Letter 23”. Infact, Shuggie is on this as a teenager playing guitar. A fine album of sexually charged blues that must not be looked at in a novelty way, but as a brilliant work of filthy interpretations of African American folklore brought to you in part by the land where player hater came from.

PS, it seems as though my slowed down metallica post “mysteriously disappeared” which is a shame because I was pretty happy with that cover. Oh well, Lars is probably watching everyone on the internet who utters his band name, so ill refrain from posting any such thing on here.

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