"I Brought The Flutes This Time"

All $tar Cashville’s Prince – Mo Problems (from Starlito’s Way: I Am Not Your Friend Mixtape 2007)

Yeah, the Nashville native is a favorite around here.

The hardest rapper to google seems to forever be a mixtape artist, but with the rap industry being in the state it is everyone seems stuck to the slimcase kinkos cd-rs and 3 year album delays. Maybe hip- hop will go the way of noise music and do one sided cassettes and candy paint pyrex lathe cuts. This first Starlito’s Way mixtape has a lot of flutes, working well with All $tars’ Rosé addled flow. Sounds like he recorded this while sitting on a Gucci pillow with a hookah in the middle of the booth. “Grey Goose” was fun, but he made a good decision to hold back on the alcohol anthems and if he decides to stick with the trippy vibes I am all for it. With most rappers using movie beats nowadays its nice to know one is using porn beats.

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