Brain Is Gone OH NO

Bathroom Renovations – Apathetic Hell (from VA – The Potent Human EP 1980)
Bathroom Renovations – Intensly Henna’d (from VA – Unzipping The Abstract LP 1980)

In an attempt to steer away from rap music for a bit, here is a band from the pre-Smiths Manchester scene with one of the best band names ever. These tracks are their entire discography, sharing spots on these two comps with The Mekons and a bunch of other bands that only released two songs. There is pretty much no info on any of these bands because of this, and the only thing I have heard about these guys is that they were more hippies than punks. Makes sense, for this is some twee ass music. Once upon a time I was really into this kind of stuff along with the Weird Noise bands, The Homosexuals, ect and I still hold a certain fondness for all it’s shit-fi glory.

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3 Responses to Brain Is Gone OH NO

  1. I saw the Bathroom Renovations (and the Spurtz, and the Liggers, and Manchester Mekon) more times than I care to remember in the late 70s and early 80s in Manchester and the Renovations had a splendid live set, not much of which made it into recorded history. I knew some of the band members – the music scene at the time was pretty small and incestuous (in a nice way) and everyone played in everybody else’s bands.

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