Bellowed Creole

Unknown Artist – Minina Si Bu Dan n’ta Coré Mo (from Cap-Vert Un Archipel de Musique)

Real strange accordion driven track from the Cape Verde islands (or island really, people only live on one of them) that’s kind of permanently stuck in my head tonight. At one point it just stops for some reason and I thought the 2nd accordion was a synth at first. Morna is the offical sound of Cape Verde like Tango is Argentina, a Creole spoken music with similar traits to those living in areas affected by the French such as Louisiana and Madagascar. These tales of ship crashes with accordions on board (Colombia ect) effecting the music and culture of an area are pretty nuts. A real shame these Ocora releases have been out of print since CDs were invented, the recording quality is always swell especially for the times (I believe this was recorded in the early 80s). While read as english the title suggests Cap-Vert the Peninsula of Senegal, the music is definitely from the islands.

Enjoy your MLK Jr days!

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