Lower Forms of Music

Semool – Essai 3 (from Essais 1971)

I’m no Mutant Sounds and I haven’t looked at the Nurse With Wound List in years, but sometimes gross shit like this fills the holes in my brain rap music has caused. I had a lot of fun in high school tracking down acid casualties such as these, and with my recent listening to The Breadwinner and Shadow Ring records I was reminded of Semool, one of the dirtiest records I know. Recorded back in the late 60s by a Pink Floyd cover band who were too fucked up to realize it. Along with Mahogany Brain, Red Noise, and Horrific Child, Semool joined the ranks of Futura’s red imprint of French “rock” records not totally removed from their free jazz releases. I don’t think I know of an album cover that better suits the music as this does, for it’s best listened to in the fetal position. The band puts music in its coffin and play Black Sabbath riffs on their guitars with the shovels they used to bury it. The tape loops in their delays must have been from the same studios Sly recorded There’s a Riot Goin On. Recommended for fans of The Shadow Ring, Jason Lescalleet, Danny and the Dressmakers, and people that like feeling uncomfortable.

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