Dodge City or Not

VA – DJ Singh Presents: The Go Go Experience 2009

It’s been tough to find any recent Go Go for this non-Washingtonian. Sure, I grab whatever Backyard Band and TCB bootlegs I can on Soulseek and have found some CDs on Amazon, but I can’t go into a record store here in Chicago and ask the clerk “where the XO mixtapes at? This stuff is mainly a live experience anyways, and without any of that I’m left with about as much of an outsiders perspective as possible. Would love to get my foot in the door, but looks like I’m gonna have to travel to Maryland or Virginia for that. That said, The Fader were nice enough to point out DJ Singh’s new mixtape, packed with newer tracks, Go Go mashups, and providing me with the opportunity to hear a few bands I’ve been wanting to check out for years. Maybe I’m lazy as a train ride to the east coast could be a weekend commitment, but this is a start. People need to pay more attention to the music of Chocolate City, and I feel that this is finally starting to happen. A must hear for Reaction Band’s weird “Gucci Bandana” cover.

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