Living the Life that We Sing in Our Song

Unesco Baka Pygmies Recordings 1990

The music of the Baka Pygmies is almost exclusively footed in vocal polyphonics with a technique called Jodel, strangely enough quite similar to European yodeling. The sounds themselves don’t come out like Germans at all, but the overall method is very parrallel. The sounds are rapidly shot from the chest to the head based on sylables and sounds without meaning. Much of the use of instruments is due to influence and exchanges the Baka people had with the Bantu, a neighboring tribe in Cameroon. These recordings are from the French label Unesco, which I’m having trouble finding much information on. The music is absolutely gorgeous, Hut Song being one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Lots of children on here, which is a plus (no chimo). This is some powerful shit.

Pygmies really isn’t so PC anymore so blame the French for my use of the word.

More info on the Bakas here.

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