No it Doesn’t

Harari – Party (LeBaron Edit) (from the internet orig 1980)

There is this dumpster by my house that reads “Disco Sucks” next to “Joan Jett and the Blackhearts” both written with a paint pen. Fuck that noise, along all those record burning White Sox fans in July of 1979. I live on the Southside so I of course have no problem with the baseball team, but I think Harari would agree with me that partying to Disco>hating Disco. This group was from Johannesburg, and LeBaron I believe is the dude behind the great Beat Electric, the site I stole this great track from.

Maybe someday I’ll actually put more effort to have more of a focus on this blog, but this summer has been full of Bounce, Go Go, Reggada and Disco so far, in no particular order.

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