Late Ass Hippy Makeout Crud

Ya Ho Wa 13 – I Can Read Your Mind (from All Or Nothing at All 1974)

Long before the Rap magazine existed, there was a commune in Los Angeles who ran a restaurant in the Hollywood Hills and went by the Source Family. Led by a man with 14 “spiritual wives” who died from a hang-gliding accident in 1975, the group put out a handful of fully improvised albums of “extreme psychedelic music” that get dorky record collectors wet when an original pops up. I’ve lost a large portion of interest in all this hippie shit that I used to spend my money on in high school, but I bring these cats up because I saw an Empty Bottle flyer for their show next thursday here in Chicago. It will probably be awful, but I’m sort of tempted to show up. Speaking of awful, this track is from an albums that’s just that. However, I’m into scary shit, and this song of praise for the late leader of the pack by some of his “spiritual wives” tops the Manson Family in terms of creepiness for me. Here’s a better review of the album:

Late ass hippy makeout crud…Father Yod only blows the horn on the cover but does not participate on this lame album. The only noteworthy track is the bonus track “The Great Woe”. “It wiggles with enough lopside mania to sound like a coed version of The Godz’ “Quack (I am a quack). Around this time Father Yod changed his name into Yahoweh or Yahowah, depending on who’s spelling the story, and decreed that his family could wear coloured clothes.
-Byron Coley

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