It’s After the End of the World Mix Series Vol 1: TALIESIN – BATTURE MIX


I am proud to present the first in a series of mixes featured on this site created by some of my favorite DJs and musicians working today. This will be an ongoing collection and when I figure it out, a podcast too. There is no real focus or theme to the overall outlook, aside from taking a look at the format of the mix and it’s purpose.

For the first episode, we have Taliesin of the NYC Dutty Artz crew doing it real weird. A slow moving collage of tracks on a comedown tip. The youngin has always been a favorite around these parts and he was nice enough to set things off for us all. Much love to the man for his contribution.

The Batture Mix….
the batture is the space between the levee and Mississippi in New Orleans- or at least, that’s what it means to me. I used to go down there when I was little and my mom was still in school. She’d bring me down for these great big bonfire parties- on that side of the levee you could just do whatever you want.

As far as I know, if you lived there, you didnt have to pay any property taxes- of course, if the river rose up- which is does often, your pretty fucked. People have all sorts of solutions- and some of the houses down there have an architecture that explicitly addresses the potential of water rising. I’ve always been in love with that space- it felt forbidden and full of the type of freedom I associate with New Orleans and growing up for a bit there. I used to be pretty embarassed about my family being from the south- white people in the North sure like to point fingers when it comes to making themselves feel liberal and good. As Ive gotten older I’ve become more proud and aware about my heritage.

This mix- Batture Mix- is a step back from alot of the things I’ve been releasing the last few years- it’s a bit of an after party thing- or a kicking it at home thing- I think it’s goofy that some many people just put out banger mixes- as though they arnt just alone in their bedrooms while they do it. So rough and tumble here it is… rest be assured you come see me at a gig and I’ll work you out- but until then- enjoy something a bit less agresive- put on some head phones and enjoy. Art direction from the infinitely talented Elvia at



Bryce Isbell – Four Pills
Lil B – Time
Salem – Sweat
Lil Wayne – The Block is Hot (Haaaawwttt Mix)
El Hijo de La Cumbia – A Través Del Tiempo
77 Klash – Call Me
Colleen – Mining in the Rain
A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Rage
Clouds – Protecting Hands pt. 1
Kid 606 – Monster (Cardopusher RMX)
Jahdan Blakkamoore- Nice Green (acapella)
Culturally Relevant Outro

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2 Responses to It’s After the End of the World Mix Series Vol 1: TALIESIN – BATTURE MIX

  1. tally says:

    yo d- i was feeling mad self indulgent (read: trunk and bored) this saturday and put this one on after a little too much beach house no-gaze lo-fi chill wave times… this girl was horribly disturbed- said she felt like she was drowning…

  2. will says:

    does this still exist anywhere on d nets? i would love to hear it!!

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