Flautist, Composer, Sometimes Rapper

Dede Saint-Prix – Chélché (from Chouval Bwa Sans Frontières 1995)
Dede Saint-Prix – Chélché Instrumental (from Chouval Bwa Sans Frontières 1995)

Been on the prowl for more music from Martinique, this man being my entry into the world of Zouk, Biguine, Chouval Bwa, and some weird combinations of such. Dede is one of the pioneers of old school Chouval Bwa, as well as the genre’s fusion with electronics called Zouk Chouv. He is a singer and flute player who’s put in over 30 years in the game, who is known for bringing other Carribean sounds into his music, as well as occasionally rapping. So far I’ve only got around to hearing Chouval Bwa Sans Frontieres from the mid 90s, but I imagine I’ll be spending the rest of the summer tracking all of his music down. This track is my favorite on the album, and I included the instrumental for DJs who feel like throwing down some magic on top of it.

Did you know they have blue spiders down there?

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