One More Chicago Rap Video

I have a weird relationship with Chicago Hip-Hop. On the one hand, it’s had a pretty big impact on me (Twista, Traxster, Crucial Conflict), on the other hand I could definitely do without it (two of the kids in this video). That said, one of those two kids isn’t so annoying rapping in this song, and the other kid didn’t make the beat. Good to see Skooda Chose get some more attention too.

Best parts of the video:

The fat white guy with gold chains, Skooda having the snow shoveled beneath his feet and his Impala door opened for him, the slide guitars, and the production value is pretty good.

I don’t think I would really listen to this much without the visuals, but it’s good to know some people still care about making rap videos. There have been some good ones you know.

PS I’m pro-internet but the fact that every rapper seems to be including the word BLOG in their raps lately bothers me.

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