Smokey Robinson/Smoke and Then Rob Some Men

K’naan, J Period, Kardinal Offishall, General Steele, and Baja – Belly Full (from The Messengers EP 2009)

Strangely, pretty much every song by Somalian ex-pat now Toronto resident K’naan that I’ve heard I really like, yet I’ve heard maybe five of them. I need to cut some of the country rap tunes out of my diet to make room for some of that um, political stuff (just kidding!). This Bob Marley tribute (stay with me here…) track from the free EP The Messengers is executed the right way, as in far removed from some shit Lollapalloza band of white dudes with dreads. K’naan’s rapping is great, and they do good with one of my favorite Marley joints. Probably time for me to hear Troubadour, I’ve been sleeping.

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