Lil Boosie – Super Bad

The rapper responsible for making both a certain kind of haircut and sticking pills in a girl’s rectum popular was sentenced to 2 years in prison the other day for possession of a bag of weed, a Philly, and a firearm. A week prior to entering a plea deal, Super Bad, the Baton Rogue native’s second studio output was released to the world as a time capsule to what Lil Boosie’s career was in 2009. While the mixtapes get put on pause until 2011 (or 2010 for good behavior, which is not the case in Wisconsin), the album left behind has a decent shelf life. As far as what your used to, It’s all here really. The slum shell-shock (Mind of Lunatic), the new favorite to hear while drunk (Loose as a Goose), the car song (Crayola), the Ghetto blues (Pain). In many aspects it’s in the format of most Hip-Hop albums, but the typical Rap life spiel sounds right when it’s sparked by that nasally Louisiana fire. I mean would anyone listen to Lil Wayne or Juvenile if they sounded like Guru? With an overall major label appeal directed at the feminine market, even the R&B twee moments have charm. Just listen to Miss Kissin’ on You for the words “I miss your macaroni and cheese” and even the hardest dudes will crack a smile. In the traditional sense, it’s Rap music for driving your car, or in my case for riding in the passenger seat. Not all music has to be interplanetary, for not even Fabo drives a spaceship yet. Unfortunately we have to attach the word FREE to another great rapper’s name on a T-shirt, and hopefully the joint treats Mr Wipe Me Down right. Now go get yourself a Boosie fade.

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