Lil B – Alright Daddy 2009

With plenty of Lil B talk going on I never saw this track talked about, a good thing for me because it fits perfectly on this website. There was a little Based God party going on at my house last night, which consisted of me and my fellow swagtards sporting smoking jackets and pipes while listening to audiophile Youtube quality music through my hundred thousand dollar stereo. He takes on the form of God, the Devil, Phil Collins, and in this interesting case, DJ Nate-era internet Footwork. It’s all logical based on the fact that all of Lil B’s music is brought to us through Youtube, as is all the high school Juke. Not at all the first shred of Ghetto House influence to embrace the Bay kids, but I’m definitely more interested in this case of warbling pitch than the Pack’s Frank Ski nod.

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