Apologies For the Wackness But…

Rush – Working Man (Screwed and Chopped by ?)

OK, stay with me here. This is the only time that would ever post anything by pretty much the worst band ever, Canadian Progressive Rock dorks Rush. A friend sent me this last night and I am sort of amazed by the powers of slowing things down in this instance. Notice how the guitars actually sound well, Metal, and Geddy Lee’s hideous voice actually sounds well, tolerable. As you know, I’m always looking at music with extreme tempos whether it be Footwork or Screw Tapes, and this is a case where the later turns something once extremely bland into something actually pretty cool. Looks like the main problem with Rush (aside from them being wankers) is they were at the wrong speed. I think I even have a screwed version of Black Betty around here somewhere.

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3 Responses to Apologies For the Wackness But…

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  2. Rushfan1337 says:

    Alright, one more post….

    Alright you cocky lil’ asshole, I don’t know what your mama taught you, but you leave Rush the FUCK ALONE!!! Without Rush…the Earth would have exploded or something… You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect….and by the way THis is shit…the Whole point of Rush is the wonderfulness and intensity of the three musicians, What are you too dumb to comprehend Neil Pert’s drum work?? Or the fact your totally jealous of how diverse and ecstatic of the Geddy Vocals? And by the way deuche you try playing Bass/ synth and sing at the same time!! I mean You not only insulting Rush… But you think Black Sabbath could sound this shitty? Quite smoking the crack and go fornicate yourself with a fucking Red Hot Metal Pole. Fucking asshole Haters…

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