Buenos Aires Implodes

Alika y Nueva Alianza – Para Bailar Cumbia (El Hijo de la Cumbia remix)
Los Destellos – Elsa (Sonido Martines remix feat. Fefe)

From Nueva Cumbia Argentina 2009

Brand new Soot release! Sonido Martines compiled the essential overview of what’s happening down in Argentina, mixing the likes of ZZK residents with old Peruvian refixes and Buenos Aires boy band Damas Gratis. A lot of this stuff is scattered throughout both other outlets and the internet, and having all of it in one place is wonderful. Martines’ paean to Los Destellos (who you know from the Roots of Chicha) adds bigger drums and Brazilian MC Fefe to the squealing guitars, retaining the original psychedelia only found in the bottom half of the world. El Hijo de la Cumbia’s remix of Para Bailar has that bootleg keyboard sound engineered by the likes of a long-time Sonidero engineer, shrunk to fit a size Reggaeton. There’s a little bit of everything for fans of Cumbia here, as long as your into the “lo-fi, high-tech” sound of Villera keyboards.

You can get the CD/LP now at places that sell those types of things.

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