Ground Wire Blues

DJ Slugo – No Ground Wire (from Like it Raw 12″ 1995)

The first Slugo 12″ as far as I know, though he did appear vocally on some earlier Dance Mania singles. His debut is really great, and with most Dance Mania stuff floating in the realm of out-of-print and hard-to-find, this Ghetto House ground hum track deserves some attention. Honestly one of the best places to score this kind of stuff is Reckless Records, where the clerks have no clue how to price anything that’s not rare 70’s rock or indie boners. I’ve walked out of that place paying $2.99 for Ghetto House singles that Europeans will pay $50 for. Doesn’t happen all that often though.

You can buy this track at high quality on Slugo’s site, this is a pretty crappy vinyl rip.

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