The Definition of Ugly

Danny and the Dressmakers – 39 Golden Grates cassette box set 1979

Is this off topic? Is this supposed to be a “world music blog”? Is England part of that “world”? Whatever, if your a fan of weird shit you will dig this. Danny and the Dressmakers were the most fucked up band ever, and unfortunately there isn’t much out there. And the little that’s out there is rarer than hens teeth. If the L.A.F.M.S. hadn’t already taken the title I’d say this is the lowest form of music. Graham Massey of 808 State fame and his goons made the music of their generation, that generation being broke as fuck glue sniffing London punks making sounds with cardboard. Kind of like the now generation of pill popping swagtards with pirated software, except instead of NME we have blogs to tell us what to listen to. “We swapped instruments. We picked up the ones we could play the least and ended up making about 20 albums, all on cassette.” More primitive than children banging on cinder blocks, so dirty you’ll want to bathe after listening. This particular cassette(s) is the only thing I’ve ever found digitalized that isn’t a compilation with other DIY bands, and it was released on a label called Fuck Off ran by a guy named Kif Kif. If anyone out there has any other tapes from these guys, email me ASAP.

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