Footwork as Contemporary Classical

DJ Trouble – Bangs and Wurks

I have no information on this guy except that he seems to travel in the same circles of the Heat Squad (DJ Nate’s old crew) and Bang City. A dreamy slower track with a Disney sounding loop, which is what most of his music sounds like though sometimes with a substituted obvious classical sample (not that I would know it). There’s something creepy about his music, which is ultimately overshadowed by Trak Genious hype. Not that I escape it, but there are other talented kids making Footwork that I’ll eventually elaborate more on. At least there was, a lot of them including Nate have been pursuing Rap careers lately.

And a video with a Trouble mix overdubbed of the Heat Squad vs Bang City in a weird looking TV studio.

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One Response to Footwork as Contemporary Classical

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely the Bobby Valentino song, though obv that was sampled from somewhere else by Tim n Bob…sounds potentially Bollywoodish to me.

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