More Nateisms and Jittin Jesuses

Dollah Jones – Bang It! 2009

Been lending my ears to more Detroit sounds lately, a place which always confused me musically. This is the result of reading this article which roots Jittin to the Jitterbug in a century-long time line leaning towards the notion that it didn’t start in Chicago. You don’t think anyone already tried that with Juke? Ether way a good read, and there is some very interesting history to the way people dance in Detroit. I’ve always been curious how Ghettotech got so much more notice than Ghetto House, yet DJ Nate probably has a lot more Youtube views than Jittin Jesus. I mean Ass N Titties is a household name, but even DJ Funk has probably only been to Europe once. However, is there like a Kid Sister of Jit? This Dollah Jones song is a Rap track you can Jit to. I can’t help but give a nod to Tha Pope’s Bob That Back Down also from this year. Not that it’s also a Merengue infused Jukerap, but as far as blurring the lines between rhymes and sines, it does the job right and we don’t end up with anything like Hip-House. In both instances, the Non-Rap hook permits one to dance rather than just nod your head. The abundance of Rap related Ghetto House/Juke and Ghettotech/Jit tracks out there can be blamed on the radio that has ignored the source material for so long. Here in Chicago, the majority of Juke tracks you will usually hear on the radio are Hip-Hop remixes, and the ones that aren’t are played at weird hours of the night when most people are drunk. Hell I’ve heard DJ Spinn play sets that were over half Baltimore House. The love triangle between the “Ghetto” club genres is a filthy relationship.

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