DJ Dsign & DJ Exota – Underground 2 2009

A while back I posted a youtube video of a really weird Bubblaeton track from this mix and I finally realized that you can download the whole thing for free. DJ Exota’s half is a must hear, for it’s Dem Bow as if done on a Commodore 64, and Busta Rhymes sounds crazy sped up. There’s unsurprisingly an Axel F Bubbling remix on the Dsign side. The Beverly Hills Cop theme has a pretty long history of being huge in Europe, and don’t worry it’s still on a Rave tip even with “Soca” drums over it. Speaking of Globalization , Dsign is an Iraqi ex-pat in Holland, both of them are around 17 years old (?!), and they are associated with Kashd Up Recordz out of the Internet/New Zealand(??!) which is run by another 17 year old (???!) whose roster is half Samoan, and includes a Rwandan Hip-Hop group. What the fuck.

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