New Weird Suriname

The Sukru Masters – Ai Sa Si (DJ Fasta R’Dam to Paramaribo Kawina/Bubbling remix) 2009

Combine the rabid patterns of West Africa in the form of Caribbean Drumz via The Netherlands with Afro-Surinamese folk music blah blah blah blah blah. Kawina is a song and dance formed after the Dutch abolished slavery in 1863 which has been kept alive by both the descendants of slaves and DJs within the diaspora of the Antilles. It is related to the Winti religion, in which “Wintis” or demigods are summoned by special rhythms. These Wintis can possess performers during ceremonies, but are a healing force, not an evil one like a Duppy. I’m curious what spirits the Bubbling remixes arouse? These aren’t part of the goofy Moortje school, but usually mash-ups of Caribbean drum along tracks with popular male vocal groups. I don’t imagine you would hear this kind of stuff at a party in The Netherlands, it’s not ravey enough and doesn’t mix as well with uppers. Probably a lot more likely to hear this in the actual Antilles, and at national pride festivals within the diaspora. There are some super bizarre Chutney versions of this stuff too, but that and Kaseko are a different story. If you have any remixes I don’t have, your gonna email them to me right away.

For more listening, I’ve been compiling a collection of Suriname related music and videos in the form of a Youtube playlist. It’s mostly stuff closely related to Suriname, not so much Bubbling via The Hague. Kawina dance ceremonies, Kaseko old and new, Chutney, Antillean Rap, Autotuned Ragga, Suriname Zouk, ect.

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