Same Old Song

Los Decadas – Polvo Y El Viento (from Sonido Fantasma C.J. Collection De Oro vol 19 2009)

One strategy for making your way through genres like Jazz is to cross reference the list of musicians to other records. I thought the Sax was dope on Journey Into Satchidananda, therefore I started checking out Pharoah Sanders. A simple plan that is replaced by pictures when digging through Sonidero CDs. What I’m getting at is that I totally look for the DJs with the coolest looking logos and start from there. Obviously looking at the list of bands is helpful too, but this recent release from Mexico’s Fantasma (César Juárez) worked out fine. I picked this up in my backyard at Puebla Records & Gift Shop on Cermak which is small but very up-to-date with their New York City Sonidera releases. That section is even bigger than the local Duranguense one, but from what I understand Duranguense is most popular on the North Side, Cumbia on the South Side. This shop also operates at the “Maxwell Street” Market and they might apologize to you for not being unpacked yet if you come early in the week. They are also very helpful and fairly priced, cheaper than Jalisco on Chicago Ave which although expensive has a wider selection and pretty big Merengue shelf.

Oh yeah, this is not one of the best tracks on the CD, which has some pretty great synths overall, but an awesome cover of one of the lamest songs ever written. If I could think of a good name for it, this would be in the same series as that screwed Rush track I put up before. Sorry.

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