Bubbling Battle

Bubbling Battle is the style of Bubbling made for kids to dance to, and it’s a small world because it’s a ritual similar to Chicago Footwork. It’s very much a pop-and-lock dance that goes along with weird DMC sounding mixes, a few of which I’ve posted recently. Pretty different to the drums-only tracks, and a lot goofier. The mess DJ Moortje left behind is now considered the old school form, and it’s been known to piss off Dancehall artists who don’t like their music at the wrong speed. I’ve heard that one of the reasons people enjoyed the change in pitch is that its fast energy fit the demands of the northern Dutch country boys who had enough adrenaline (and drugs) to dance like rabid animals for 10+ hours. Your speed binge wouldn’t be disturbed by the constant record changing, because that’s all your attention span at that point can handle.

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4 Responses to Bubbling Battle

  1. Mono says:

    Rabid? if you can not spell Rabit properly you will never been taken seriously.
    You want to hate on shit while this is Dutch music style not USA or where ever you come from.
    So, stfu, retard.

    • davequam says:

      There is nowhere in this post where I hate on bubbling. i am a HUGE fan of bubbling, it’s one of my favorite genres of music, which is pretty obvious if you read this blog. I don’t give a fuck if it’s a Chinese type of music, location doesn’t make a difference to me if the music is hot. Also RABID means FAST, which it is, so I think I said something “normal” about it. So, stfu, retard.

  2. Mono says:

    ok nvm, Rabbit not rabit, and Rabid actualy means something. nevertheless you should stop talking if you don’t have anything normal to say about it.

  3. bs says:

    http://www.the-battlestation.com bubbling & dancehall classics online!

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