Mama Kudi

I spend a lot of my free time watching African pop music videos on the Africa Channel and Youtube, and unfortunately this means a lot of Kuduro videos with amputees from the aftermath of the Angolan Civil War. This video in particular results in mixed emotions, but I find it pretty amazing how brazen these guys are, dancing on top of cars and breakdancing with crutches (and sometimes absent of them). Once again DJ Nays shows up, who’s pretty much my favorite producer of late. I know I’ve made a few wise cracks about lovey dovey genres like Zouk Love and Kizomba, but there is absolutely nothing wussy about this song, which is best in it’s class. It serenades without actually saying anything. I’ve amassed a rather large collection of stuff like this that I’ve slowly been going through, and I’ll touch more on that later.

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