Crown Heights Affair "Galaxy of Love"

Here’s a song for all you eager disco explorers. My newest vehicle for transport is by the late seventies hit by the

Crown Heights Affair, “Galaxy of Love”.

The song opens different than the typical disco song. It sets us up delicately, with wind surf ambiance and piano tinklings, something that could be a whole song in its self, preparing us for a long flight. You take off and you realize that your flying very high and fast, with the SFX of space whizzing by your head. And with The high heaven vocals, the song soars bright and clear like a beautiful cartoon. This large group of hard working musicians play with vigor, and take the pleasure in bringing you higher than you’ve ever been. This is a Band of the Clouds, demanding you to dance with it’s stern Horn Sorcery and disgusting Bass breakdown. The featured Synth Lazer even takes A Solo, flashing like a rainbow gradient gamma ray. And then suddenly, the band suddenly brings it all to stop, leaving you to drop from the highest point in the sky! Enjoy.


(The sound quality isn’t too bad for a Youtube Clip)

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