Nobody Move

DJ Moortje – Nobody Get Hurt (from I’m Back 1997)

This track is really interesting to someone like myself who never had a background in Drum and Bass, yet listens to plenty of music that was affected by it’s existence. Discovering Bubbling has led me to rewind to the early days of Jungle to find missing pieces of the puzzle, but I haven’t spent much time with DnB outside of a bit of DJ Zinc and DJ Hype. Even then it’s not really for me, but Moortje pulling up Yellowman’s Breakbeat hit like it was the Murder She Wrote Riddim is exciting as a parallel between genres. Technically and historically there’s plenty to compare the two in a Venn Diagram, which forces me to backtrack down the paths I missed first time around and never particularly cared about. Questioning relevance is even more confusing and if the theory that technology=genres is right it will only get more so.

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