Por Barrios

Grupo Cordon – Subiendo Aun Mas (from “unknown street cd-r”)

This is one of those weird internet finds that combines digital digging with actual field work, and I remain the arm chair researcher. I have no recollection of even trying to find this, but this was in a folder I grabbed on Soulseek titled Candombe Uraguay – Original CD Grabado en Las Calles de Montevideo (Por Barrios) Excelente! This is the real deal, por barrios! We’ve never been to Montevideo, but somebody brought back CD-Rs that are even more mysterious now that we can’t physically hold them.

Without trying any harder to philosophy the situation, this mystery folder is a great mix of some of the bigger groups like Cuareim, Ansina, and these guys Cordon. Candombe is Uruguayan drum music that originated from people that escaped countries with heavy slave trade such as Bolivia and Paraguay. It’s popular street and festival music that is still strong among the small Afro-Uruguayan and Afro-Argentine communities. I’ve yet to hear any digital club mutations, this is straight up drumming, and lots of it.

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