Maladeee Maker

Zaza Twins – Instru Logobi Maladeee (???) 2009?

Man this needs to be played LOUD. On the street and at levels of public disturbance. Like how all those Tecktonik videos look, except with better dancing and people having more fun. Really exciting stuff coming from the kids in France that I can’t get enough of. No surprise this transformation occurred ether, sounding uplifting and intimidating like current Kuduro. Coupe Decale Instrumental was one of those tracks that made me lose it in 2009, and I was glad to find more by Lyons’ Zaza Twins. More music that fits perfectly under Soulja Boy. What Logobi really means I really don’t know, I just watch Youtube videos, but there is some good information here, and here.

Thanks to Boima for help IDing this track.

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