"It’s After The End Of The World, Don’t You Know That Yet?"

DJ Trouble Minimix

Imagine a footwork battle in a Mad Max movie and your close. Imagine a Nurse With Wound album made on Fruity Loops and your closer. Sure, Nate sold his soul to the devil in return for a Rap career but this is an even darker shade of black. A cold and hopeless Midwest winter science fiction soundtrack made in a vacant board-up with tape loops and a drum machine, almost free of references despite being music for your feet. More questionable than most things that make me worry about the youth. DJ Trouble remains a bigger mystery to me than any other Chicago DJ who doesn’t answer emails, and as far as I know he has almost no web presence. I’m almost convinced he doesn’t exist but the kids say he’s real. I guess you don’t actually need a Myspace to be among the living, and along with his fellow tradesmen he’s proof thisstuff doesn’t only exist on the internet. Still, it’s perfect “I’m not going out tonight” music. This short little mix I found mislabeled as DJ Nate is all three of his tracks I know of, somewhat mixed together. DJ Trouble, if your out there get at me. We need to have a talk. I’m worried.

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