Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy

DJ Milton – Acosmic (from Hittin Hard 12″ 1994)

This is ether Milton’s first or second 12″ and as I don’t see a bright future in any of them being reissued anytime soon I doubt I’m hurting anybody by posting any of his music. Behind closed doors chipmunk chatter a little slower in that nineteen-ninety four way, maybe appealing to the prudes even if said chipmunk might be saying “fuck it”. One of the most unique voices in Ghetto House who really knew how to work vocals over interplanetary project party music. Cosmic records provided an early home to a handful of Chicago singles worth checking out, even if their labels didn’t look as cool as Dance Mania’s. Also, purple side b/w white side is far inferior to Hennesy side b/w Swisha side.

And come to think about it, there is basically a sped up inferior version of this track that is Milton’s guest appearance on DJ Flint’s Spank You Very Much. When your this deep into a catalog the lines between Dungeons and Dragons and Ghetto House get kind of blurry.

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