Weird The Club Up

Unknown DJ – Bubbling Battle Loop Mix

Bubbling battle tracks can be a scary swamp to trudge through, and you will step in plenty of shit along the way. Cramming 10 songs into 5 minutes while pulling them up and down like taffy is no easy task. The hardest part is making them not sound ridiculously corny, and tracks are often full of lame sound effects, muscle flexing, and sometimes even fucking South Park samples (I have a great track that’s ruined by just that). A bad taste similar to the one Breakcore always leaves in my mouth. Yet sometimes, it all falls into the right place. This is one of those miniature DJ mixes that makes my obsession worth it and I can forget about all the incredibly dated turntable masturbation that I’ve put me ears through. A perfect battle track and like the best, an incredibly weird one too. Tiny guitars and a ghost organ lead into DJ Class’ Tear The Club Up(!!!) and we are happy. From what I can tell, Baltimore Club isn’t so rare in these parts and as strange a phenomenon as Bubbling is to begin with I’m not even surprised. There might be some kid in Suriname baking up some Juke for all I know (I can dream can’t I? I mean they fuck with Paul Johnson). It’s all one big mutated diaspora due to Dutch Slavery that has it’s roots planted in Turkish raves, Jamaican cartoon chase footwork competitions, and the Mad Decent Website.

Edit: The DJ says his name at the end but I can’t make it out very well. Maybe you can.

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2 Responses to Weird The Club Up

  1. g says:

    sick graphic

  2. Dj Kaas says:

    His name is Dj Anti..
    LOL i made up the name for him back in the days.. Because hes from the dutch antills (curacao).
    Dj Kaas means dj cheese.. That comes from the word used for native dutch people.. Cheesehead ;-)

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