Born By The River…

Tha Pope – Everybody Bob (from The King of Bob)

Everybody in the city knows this guy. He’s the self-proclaimed “Youngest Celebrity” in Chicago and even has a shoe deal with K Swiss. Probably more famous locally than DJ Nate, but less so on the internet stalker tip. Still, outsiders might have seen his Lion King or Sam Cooke footwork tracks via Youtube, and hopefully you caught the Bob That Back Down brazenly Merengue remix I posted last year. I don’t own a pair of roller skates, but he is a big deal at the rink down on 82nd street too and makes girls scream like the fantastic four in a roomful of preteens. Dude’s a player that happens to make Footwork tracks, usually sounding a bit less angry at the world but dope nonetheless. Unfortunately this track is a real short snippet from a mix tape from a few years ago, but with a bit of editing it could work well as a transitional track into a maelstrom of tom toms. Don’t yell at me if that gets you in trouble though, as dance patrons tend to have weak ankles.

Oh yeah, he’s probably the only musician on this site that hails from the north side (he’s from Rodgers Park aka “The North Pole” aka 60626 aka too far for me to spend much time in) rather than the south or west sides, which I find kind of funny. I could be wrong though, as there’s a chance I shared some Curtis Mayfield once.

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