Chicago Tribal

DJ Ken – Sept 2006 Chicago Latino Festival Set

An old tribal set from the annual Latino Music Festival. I don’t know who this DJ Ken fellow is, but I definitely want to know more about this stuff being played in Chicago. My experience with that is limited to hearing some blaring out of cars but that is all. While I don’t imagine it’s that big a deal here, I imagine I’m probably just not invited to the right raves. This mix isn’t exactly mind blowing, but I don’t think tribal house in any format really is to begin with. It certainly can be (hi DJ Mouse), but I think in most cases it’s just a lot of fun. This is for those that want to hear what was going on almost half a decade ago with Latin tribal, which from what this example shows was pretty different than what’s happening in Monterrey, ect today.


01 – George kranz – Din daa daa
02 – DJ Dero – Electrica Salsa
03 – DJ Javier Bazan – Tumba y Marimba
04 – Joy Marquez – Mexican Raices (Tribal Dark Mix – b1)
05 – Daddy Yanke – Limpia Parabrisas (Dj Javier Dee Remix Version 2.0)
06 – Dj Javier Dee Feat Barbie – Te Kiero (ricardo reyna rmx + Jakal)
07 – Match and Daddy – Pasame la botella – Dj Tribo Caliente Tribal Mix
08 – La tumba babata ( remix )
09 – Javier Morales v.S DJ Topo – Wara Wepa – Culebritika
10 – Acapulco tropical – Cangrejito playero
11 – DJ Lucho presents La Cubanita – Toca Me
12 – The Rumbar – Tocasamba (Kortezman Extended Mix)
13 – DJ Ninote Y 1260 Boys – El Ritmo De La Matraca
14 – DJ Sobrino – Tamales OaxaqueÒos_Tribal Mx
15 – La Montze – Guitarrero 2006 ( Dj Tribo Electro Tribal Mix)
16 – Global Deejays – The Sound Of San Francisco (Clubhouse Extended Mix)
17 – Dj sobrino – La Marimba_klubb tribal remix liquid beat
18 – Dj Javier Dee Feat Barbie – Te Kiero (ricardo reyna rmx + Jakal)
19 – DJ Sobrino – Banda El Recodo – Pena Tras Pena (Rmx Tribal Mix 3)
20 – DJ Antena – La Danza De Los Monjes (Remix Mark Alvarado 2006)
21 – DJ Sobrino – Step duranguense_tribal mix
22 – DJ Sobrino – Arboles de la Barranca

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