Footwork Flicks

I took some shots of the Sunday night Battlegroundz crew that you can check out on my flickr “Footwork” set. It translates pretty poorly to photos, but I tried. Not having a good flash doesn’t make it much easier either. Keep checking it for more attempts in the future.

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2 Responses to Footwork Flicks

  1. antimatt says:

    cool to see some of the subcultures.what lenses do you have? I always hate trying to shoot indoor action with a flash. and ceilings too high to bounce.

  2. Dave Quam says:

    yeah it was hard, and I only have a built in flash on my d60. I gotta get a better one.I have a 50-80mm standard, and I also have a i think 90-200mm zoom lens. I really never shot action stuff before but maybe I can get it better next time.

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