Proto-House Vol 1

Frankie Knuckles – Live @ The Warehouse 1977

I don’t really see the point in posting much old house or disco since you can find that elsewhere, but I’m a huge Chicago history buff. I also love hearing early DJ sets, and this one sits between the time when the dancefloor had to wait between songs and variable pitch control. This gives a good idea of what went down at the Warehouse during the house music boiling pot era, and if you feel like your still missing out put a bunch of streamers up in your apartment and snort some blow. The club was located at 206 S Jefferson St, which was considered the South Side in 1977. Now occupied by office space in Oprah’s West Loop, reminding me of a lot of other inner city boundary lines being pushed outward much like Harlem and elsewhere.

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4 Responses to Proto-House Vol 1

  1. SAMO says:

    tooo insane! amazing post.

  2. brokevoodoodiamons says:

    yep. incredible stuff… some missing link tones right here

  3. W says:

    Yo Dave! We should try that thing you were saying you should do if you felt like you were missing out! Yeah?!

  4. Dave Quam says:

    whatcho talking bout willy?

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