Battle Groundz

I’m psyched to see that these videos are making their rounds on the interwebs. Battle Groundz is a great community of footworkers, DJs, and friends that do the damn thing regardless of struggle for a permanent space. Some of the best dancers in the city can be found “there”, media coverage or not, and the spirit of competition meshing with kids just hanging out defines what goes on. Luckily my homie Neema tapes these on the regular, and has thrown a bunch of mind blowing videos up on youtube which you can see here. If you think this culture is dead in Chicago it’s most likely because your showing up at Smart Bar expecting NOT to hear the same mixes people make for the internet. You can chalk some of that that up to the extraordinary segregation that on takes place in this city, but your still kind of lazy.

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3 Responses to Battle Groundz

  1. id says:

    wicked vid – loving it! Do you know any of the tracks playing? Sounds like a much deeper vibe than I'm used to…

  2. karis says:

    this is just so out this world

  3. Frikki says:

    i don’t suppose you would be into compiling some of the music that’s played in these vids? (especially the track that samples johnny hammond’s can’t we smile)

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