Screwed and Chopped Cleveland

Chopland Click – Chop Up Da Block (From Ice Breakers 2k5)

I’m a sucker for regional dance tracks, and for the past week I can’t get Mr Miyagi out of my head which leaves me thinking more about other Midwest cities aside from my own. Been spending more time searching for current hip-hop from Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and I was reminded of one of my favorites I discovered in an issue of Murderdog. Chopland Click are interesting because they might be the first group in the Midwest to screw and chop their music. Plenty of Chicago and Cleveland artists show up on Screw tapes but I really don’t know of anyone to do it locally up here in the north. Not exactly a mind-blowing phenomenon, but when you think about how fast music tends to be up here it’s at least worth noting. What bugs me out even more is that songs at regular speed are often labeled as “regged” on their mixtapes to show how serious they take their Screw. “Half of Chi-town is from Mississippi anyways” to quote David Banner.

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2 Responses to Screwed and Chopped Cleveland

  1. Raven Mack says:

    oh man, I’m totally gonna bite that style of calling regular speed tracks “regged”

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