Turn On, Tune In, Wine Out

iApe! – Candy Flip Riddim 2010

I don’t know anything about the person behind this track that’s been floating around for the past week or so, but I figured I’d post the 320 mp3 for those looking for the centerpiece for their dancehall rave set. It’s trippy man, but not psychedelic wank. Your gonna have a bad time.

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6 Responses to Turn On, Tune In, Wine Out

  1. boima says:

    Moombahton on the take over. Dave Nada really foresaw something big. Genius in the insight. Coalescing so many different movements. The Internet is crazy. Munchi is my hero.

  2. davequam says:

    I never even thought about moombahton Boima, good call!

    Munchi sent me a bunch of music, he is my dude!

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  4. thanks to wayne for the ape insight and to you sir for re-upping this. nguz and i were gifted this a week or so ago and i nearly got to posting it last week. perhaps i’ll put some extra shine on it and give you a holler in the links. nuff respect!

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