“Dutch Ghetto House”

DJ Uptown – Hood Up

Another great young producer in the Netherlands who coincidentally uses patterns similar to those of ghetto house. There is even a weird tom breakdown that cuts through all the snares and brings back the claps. Criminally short but what else is new? It’s not the slow burn of moombahton, and we must remember which country is the largest manufacturer of MDMA.

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3 Responses to “Dutch Ghetto House”

  1. dubbel dutch says:

    This sounds kinda like grime to me?

  2. davequam says:

    Good point, I guess some of these bubbling tracks share a lot with grime but I can’t help but think about the claps and toms. Not that only ghetto house uses them, but I guess it’s just a habit my ears have. Which is why I put the title in quotation marks…as it’s really not Dutch ghetto house.

  3. Marcus Price says:

    I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bumping grime.

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