Mix Series Vol 6: Massacooramaan – The Vulture Life



DJ Chuckie – Caribbean Drumz
DJ Dyna feat Rix Richardson – Drum Along 2008
DJ Master Q – Hopi Doru
Anti G – Crack The Glass!
Rolvario – Exotic Drumz
DJ Pula – From The Nguimbi
Normal Nada – Ku Decale
DJ Magistral – Instru
Molare – La Jole Instru
DJ Wizard & DJ Prako – Dindo Visle (Kawina Dance Remix)
DJ Nays – Cola Kizomba
DJ Nays – Cola Kizomba 2
DJ Don Macelo – Rio Zambeze
DJ Nedwyt Fox – Reciamem Se Poderem
DJ Slugo – No Ground Wire
DJ Deeon – Telefon Luv
DJ Kurtis Vitton – Trac Me
DJ Milton – Playground
DJ Rashad – Get It Shorty
DJ Spinn – Pink Rollz
DJ Solo – Bed Of Gold

…Play Loud…

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8 Responses to Mix Series Vol 6: Massacooramaan – The Vulture Life

  1. koffi gnato says:

    Great one!!! thanks Dave.

  2. DJPopo says:

    I see ur hip with the best DJ’s… I apreciate the work ur doing, spreding our music style…

  3. boomnoise says:

    devastatin’ rhythm

  4. nathancmartin says:

    This mix is nice. I’ve been listening to it pretty much nonstop since you sent it to me. Good work.

  5. rizzla says:

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY this is spicy

  6. Five says:

    love this jeez

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  8. c-c says:

    where has this mix been all my life?? fantastic!!!

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