On My Shit

Deejay Qutta & Ms Porsh – Buck Dat Bitxh

“It’s an accompanying piece for my thesis (that i think i just finished) about placing vogue in teh “nu-world” cannon and homophobia in dancehall” as he says. So many buttons pushed; ballroom soca meets Jersey club’s Rye Rye that a lot of people might actually dance to. Too cunty to be called a mash-up, but an example of what goes on at the now weekly Nu Life/Work in Boston run by Rizzla and friends, which he once described to me as a more “broish” Wildness. Been listening to this at least 10 times a day since I got it, because not only is it the definition of banger, but goddamn it’s part of a thesis too.

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3 Responses to On My Shit

  1. Five says:

    rizzla is on to something.

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